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We strive to be an asset to our community, and take pride in providing superior, quality products and services, promptly, at a fair price.

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Our history

Our company had it's humble beginning in the early 1990's with one man in his backyard building clothesline poles, using his children's Radio Flyer wagon as his toolbox and the picnic table as his welding bench. His purpose at the time was to supplement the family income. When orders began to backup, Don realized he would have to make a choice between staying at his full-time employment or taking a risk and start a new business. On January 2, 1996, he opened the doors to Agar Welding Service & Steel Supply, Inc. By mid-morning, he had his first customer. In 25 years, we have outgrown two locations! We have an average of 20+ employees, with the majority of them being Agar employees for 10-15 years.

We have a diverse range of services which includes fabricating structural steel, stairs, railings, and metal components. We also provide mobile welding service, crane rental, and steel sales that vary in size from several ton packages to contractors to small orders for walk-in customers.