Crane Rental Service

About Our Crane Rental Services

We have cranes and certified crane operators that can come to your job site and help you complete your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your lifting capacity and reach?

Every project is different. When we are able to pull the truck right up to the item to be lifted, our maximum capacity is up to 15,000 pounds. As we reach our boom out further, the amount of weight we can lift decreases. We are able to extend our boom 20′ up and 50′ out. Give us a call to discuss your specific lift.

What type of things do you lift?

Many of our crane rentals involve lifting roof trusses to set in place, setting steel beams in place for new homes, setting roof top units, and lifting equipment.

Do you have a man basket?


Do you provide an operator for the crane?

Yes. We provide a certified operator for all crane rentals. We do not provide crane rentals without an operator. We have operators certified through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and licensed through the state of Pennsylvania.

What are your rates and minimum charge?

We charge $150.00 per hour, plus tax, including travel time from our shop in Walnut Bottom, PA for standard projects performed during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 7AM-4PM). We have a 3 hour minimum charge for crane services.