Homeowners, Builders & Property Management

Catering to Your Home Needs:

At Agar Welding & Steel, we proudly serve homeowners, home builders, and property managers alike.

Elevate Your Home Construction:

For new home construction projects, we provide essential house steel components such as beams and adjustable basement posts, ensuring structural integrity and stability. Our crane rental service, complete with a certified operator, facilitates seamless placement of building materials, including setting roof trusses and more.

Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic:

In addition to house steel, we specialize in crafting custom stairs and railing solutions. Elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal with our wrought iron style railing options, chosen by many homeowners for their blend of safety and elegance. With a durable powder coat finish, your railing is guaranteed to withstand the test of time, adding both charm and longevity to your home.