Clothesline Poles

Enjoy the fresh scent of line-dried laundry!

Say goodbye to flimsy clothesline poles and hello to sturdy reliability!

Our clothesline poles are meticulously crafted from 2″ steel pipe, boasting a robust 2 1/2″ outside diameter. Standing at 8 feet high and spanning 4 feet wide, these poles are designed to withstand the weight of your laundry without flexing. Simply install them into a hole approximately 2 feet deep for secure placement. Complete with four hooks for your lines and capped ends to deter nesting, our poles come with a shop primer finish for added durability.

Why choose line drying?

With clothesline poles available year-round, you can conveniently purchase them at our shop located at 93 Firehouse Rd., Walnut Bottom, PA 17266.