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About Our Materials

For your convenience, we carry a large selection of the most common steel and aluminum products, rebar, decking, adjustable basement posts, and clothesline poles! If your project requires a size or shape that we do not stock, we can special order materials for delivery within a few business days.


We stock just about every size and shape commonly needed from DIY-ers to fully fabricated jobs. We carry beams, pipe, square tubing, flat steel, sheet, expanded metal, angle iron, channel iron, and rebar.

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We stock aluminum pipe, channels, angles, flats, sheets, square tubing, plates, and expanded metals.

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Adjustable Basement Poles

We stock adjustable basement posts in many sizes.

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Clothesline Poles

Our clothesline poles are sturdy and made from 2″ steel pipe (2 1/2″ outside diameter). You don’t have to worry about them bending from the weight of your laundry!

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