Our Mission

We strive to be an asset to our community, and take pride in providing superior, quality products and services, promptly, and at a fair price.

We are certified

We are certified

We have AWS certified welders on staff that have the experience to get your job done right.

Our History

Our company had its humble beginning in the early 1990's in the backyard of our founder, Donald Agar, building clothesline poles. Donald used his children's Radio Flyer wagon as his toolbox and the picnic table as his welding bench. At the time, his purpose was to supplement the family income; but when orders began to stack up, Donald realized he would have to make a choice between staying at his full-time employment or taking a risk and starting a new business. On January 2, 1996, he opened the doors to Agar Welding Service & Steel Supply, Inc. By mid-morning, he had his first customer. In 2000, Donald's wife, Denise Agar, became the President of the company. In the following years, Donald also brought onboard his now son-in-law, Glenn Cornman (2002), and his daughter, Kyla Cornman (2004), both of whom have become leaders in the business. Over the course of 25 years, Agar Welding Service & Steel Supply, Inc. outgrew two locations, and currently has an average of 20 employees – many of which have been with the company for 15 years or more. In the past several years, Donald and Denise Agar began to consider retirement. They gradually began to spend more time traveling and less time in the business, giving their management team an opportunity to take the wheel. In 2021, they were met with an offer from Houck, a family-owned building preservation specialty contractor, that would not only keep the business running, but most importantly, ensure that AGAR’s employees would be well taken care of. The transition was finalized in October of 2021, and AGAR Welding & Steel looks forward to continued growth and success as one of the Houck group of companies. AGAR offers a diverse range of services which includes fabricating structural steel, stairs, railings, and metal components. We also provide mobile welding service, crane rental, and steel sales that vary in size from several ton packages to contractors to small orders for walk-in customers.

About our space

Our facility is located at 93 Firehouse Road, Walnut Bottom, PA, and consists of a 16,000-square-foot shop. Various pieces of equipment are located within our shop for use in fabricating steel products including a plate shear, press brake, ironworker, multiple production saws and welders.

About our team

Agar Welding & Steel employs an average of 20 people. This includes our office staff, crane operators, welders, fabricators and installers/erectors. Our employees are the backbone of our company and the reason we are in business. We strive to enrich their lives by providing opportunities for growth and a healthy work-life balance.